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FortiDDoS Family of DDoS Prevention Appliances

The FortiDDoS family of purpose-built network appliances provides effective, innovative protection against DDoS attacks. FortiDDoS helps you protect your internet-facing infrastructure from threats and service disruptions by surgically removing network and application-layer DDoS attacks. You can defend your critical on-premise and cloud infrastructure from attack while relying on FortiDDoS sophisticated filtering technologies to allow legitimate traffic to continue to flow. These scalable, high-performance appliances deliver proven DDoS defense, and are completely interoperable with your existing security technologies and network infrastructure.

Features & Benefits

  • FortiDDoS provides granular visibility and control of your network and automatically detects and automatically detects and mitigates attack traffic
  • Inline, transparent threat mitigation provides easy to deploy and manage DDoS prevention
  • Segregation and virtualization of the FortiDDoS appliance allows separate security policies on each segment for multi-tenant environments
  • Bandwidth management maintains policies that enable Service Providers to limit each customer or user to their predefined bandwidth
  • Purpose-built FortiASIC-TP processors deliver proven, high performance protection
  • Header and state anomaly prevention provides clean pipe to improve network utilization
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FC-10-04H00-210-02-12 fortiddos-400b next day delivery premium rma service FC-10-08H00-210-02-12 fortiddos-800b next day delivery premium rma service
FC-10-04H00-210-02-12 FortiDDoS-400B Next Day Delivery Premium RMA Service
List Price: $2,500.00
Our Price: $2,270.00
Savings: $230.00
FC-10-08H00-210-02-12 FortiDDoS-800B Next Day Delivery Premium RMA Service
List Price: $4,225.00
Our Price: $3,836.00
Savings: $389.00
FC-10-04H00-210-02-12 FortiDDoS-400B 1 Year Next Day Delivery Premium RMA Service FC-10-08H00-210-02-12 FortiDDoS-800B 1 Year Next Day Delivery Premium RMA Service