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3G/4G Wireless WAN Extenders - FortiExtender

FortiExtender is a family of 3G/4G Wireless WAN extenders, designed to integrate with the FortiGate Connected UTM to provide a secure 3G/4G Wireless WAN connection for Distributed Enterprise and SMB locations. The tight integration of the FortiExtender and Connected UTM provides a single pane of glass for management, as well as security policy enforcement, reporting and alerting for the Wireless WAN connection.

Connecting to the FortiGate using a standard Ethernet cable, FortiExtender devices can be physically separated from the FortiGate, allowing for installation near a window or outdoors to optimize the 3G/4G signal strength. Suitable for use as a secondary failover connection to the wired WAN link for improved business continuity, or as a primary WAN link, the FortiExtender provides ultimate flexibility and choice for your WAN connectivity.


  • Flexible Installation – FortiExtender enables the placement of your 3G/4G Wireless modem closer to windows or outdoors to increase signal strength.
  • Primary or Secondary WAN Link - Can be used as a primary WAN link or as a secondary failover WAN link to improve business continuity.
  • Managed and Secured from the FortiGate – Each FortiExtender appears as a standard interface on the FortiGate, enabling centralized management and complete UTM security to be applied to the 3G/4G WAN connection.
  • Deep Visibility – Connection status as well as data usage management and alerts are visible from the FortiGate, allowing you to monitor the health of your connection and avoid excess data usage charges.
  • Power over Ethernet – Installation is quick and simple, with the Power over Ethernet (POE) capability.
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FEX-200F FortiExtender-200F FEX-212F FortiExtender-212F FEX-511F FortiExtender-511F
FEX-200F FortiExtender-200F
List Price: $375.00
Our Price: $298.00
Savings: $77.00
FEX-212F FortiExtender-212F
List Price: $1,546.00
Our Price: $1,229.00
Savings: $317.00
FEX-511F FortiExtender-511F
List Price: $1,873.00
Our Price: $1,676.00
Savings: $197.00
FEX-200F FEX-200F is an extension of the FortiGate LAN interface, connecting to FortiGate with a secured L2 tunnel for Layer2~Layer7 security for branch offices. 5x GbE RJ45 ports, each can be configured as WAN or LAN by software. FEX-212F FEX-212F is intended for wireless wan connectivity for North America, Europe and APEC continents. FEX-212F has dual Sierra Wireless CAT12 EM7565 LTE modems (DL/UL=600M/150Mbps) installed to provide LTE and GPS/GNSS service. FEX-511F Indoor Broadband Wireless WAN Router with 1x "Dual SIM 5G Sub-6GHz M.2 Module" for North/South America and Europe Carriers. 5x GE WAN/LAN configurable RJ45 ports including 1x 802.3at POE PD port (25.5W) and 1x SFP port.