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FortiAnalyzer Centralized Reporting

The FortiAnalyzer family of logging, analyzing, and reporting appliances securely aggregates log data from Fortinet devices and other syslog-compatible devices. A comprehensive suite of easily customized reports enables you to analyze, report, and archive security event, network traffic, Web content, and messaging data to measure policy compliance.

Features & Benefits

  • Secure data aggregation from multiple FortiGate and FortiMail security appliances provides network-wide visibility and compliance
  • Over 300 customizable reports help monitor and maintain identify attack patterns, acceptable use policies, and demonstrate policy compliance
  • Network capacity and utilization data reporting you to plan and manage networks more efficiently
  • Fully integrated with FortiManager appliances for a single point of command, control, analysis, and reporting
  • Advanced features such as event correlation, forensic analysis, and vulnerability assessment provide essential tools for in-depth protection of complex networks
  • Up to 6 TB of log data capacity and choice of RAID levels allow you to balance capacity and data assurance to match organizational needs
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FAZ-300F FortiAnalyzer-300F FAZ-800F FortiAnalyzer-800F faz-vm-gb500 fortianalyzer-vm upgrade license for adding 500 gb/day of logs and 48 tb storage capacity.
FAZ-300F FortiAnalyzer-300F
List Price: $9,000.00
Our Price: $7,155.00
Savings: $1,845.00
FAZ-800F FortiAnalyzer-800F
List Price: $15,500.00
Our Price: $12,323.00
Savings: $3,177.00
FAZ-300F FortiAnalyzer-300F FAZ-800F FortiAnalyzer-800F Upgrade license for adding 500 GB/Day of Logs and 48 TB storage capacity.
List Price: $4,000.00
Our Price: $3,192.00
Savings: $808.00
Centralized log & analysis appliance - 2 x GE RJ45, 4TB storage, up to 100GB/Day of logs.